Annual Scholarship

The L7 award is given to a high school athlete “who has demonstrated qualities consistent with L7.
L7 doesn’t so much stand for Lucky #7 but rather the belief that luck is largely a byproduct of persistence,
hard work, and positive attitude in tough or unfamiliar situations”


We’re so excited to have given out our first scholarship to a very deserving young man!

Joe Contino has shown incredible grit in his Crohn’s and athletic journey. Congratulations Joe!


Noah Weber, Larry Nance, Jr. and Joe Contino at the first annual L7 Award and scholarship.
From left: Marla Dubinksy, MD of the Susan and Leonard Feinstein IBD Clinical Center; Larry Nance Jr., Co-founder of AVC; Noah Weber, Co-founder of AVC; Joe Contino, recipient of the L7 award; and Joe’s proud family

CLICK HERE to read a thank you letter from Joe Contino to Athletes vs Crohn’s and Colitis